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360° TOHOKU&TOKYO – illumination / SENDAI
2017.03.13 487,326views

360°TOHOKU & TOKYO film is a project that gathers and presents the must-see wonders of Tokyo and Tohoku area.
This short movie presents illumination in SENDAI.

The brandsite is here.

About The Illumination event in Roppongi Hills:
This is the event in Roppongi Hills that tells the story of winter through the usage of warm light and cool light.
Visitors can enjoy two completely different illuminations; "SNOW&BLUE" using white and blue LED lights, and "CANDLE&AMBER" new illumination using amber and candle colored LED lights.

About the Illumination event in Marunouchi (Nakadouri):
From the middle of November to the middle of February, total of about 250 trees on Marunouchi Nakadouri (1.2km-street with luxuary boutiques) and Otemachi Nakadouri
will be decorated with about 1.03 million unique "Champagne Gold" LED lights, celebrating the joyful Christmas season

About The KITTE Light-Up event in Marunouchi:
About 14.5m high and white as snow, KITTE’s Christmas tree is one of the biggest indoor Christmas trees in Japan.
During the event, visitors can enjoy the Light-Up program "Precious Ver.", in which the light dots pouring from ceiling like snow, matched with seasonal background music.

About the SENDAI’s light pageant:
SENDAI Light Pagent is the illumination event decorating and lighting up Sendai’s main street Jouzenjidouri’s Zelkova trees with numerous LED lights.
This event is Sendai’s winter tradition, and attracts more than 2.5 million people every year.

Check the illumination :
TOKYO:Roppongi hills illumination



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