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COVID-19 State of Emergency Now in Effect : A message from the Governor of Tokyo (April 26th 2021)
2021.04.27 622views

A very infectious variant of the virus is spreading.
In order to stop the spread of infection, it is crucial to contain the movement of people.
Please refrain from going out or traveling to other prefectures. Stay home to all possible extent.
To those who do not live in Tokyo, please avoid coming here.
I ask businesses to make full use of remote work and other such systems so that only 30 percent of your employees come to work.
Even outdoor settings carry the risk of infection. Please do not drink alcoholic beverages on the streets or in parks.
The coronavirus can spread anywhere.
What we each do in our everyday lives to contain the risk of infection will keep us, our family, and loved ones from getting infected.
Please continue taking the basic steps to prevent infection, including wearing a mask, frequently washing your hands, and avoiding the three Cs.
Let’s again make a powerful, united effort to ensure that our hard work up to now will help contain the virus.
Thank you very much.

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