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This temple in Shibamata is a sight overflowing with old town charm.
Within the temple property is a Japanese garden, which can be viewed from the rooftop-covered hallways surrounding it.
Also referred to as the "Sculpture Temple", the temple features a masterpiece sculpture gallery.
Within Taishakuten Temple, all of the north, east and west outside are covered with decorated sculpture, with 10 prominent

The spot introduced in the video is here
TOKYO:Taishakuten Daikyoji Temple

■Kagawa: About the "Henro" 
The "Henro" is a pilgrimage route to 88 temples that was created about 1,200 years ago by a Buddhist priest (Kukai) in order to help people avoid calamities.
Originally the "Henro" was a journey of worship where people would pray for the present and future, such as household safety, recovery from illness and peace for their ancestors. However, in recent years people take the journey for many reasons other than religion, such as for their health, to relieve stress, to rediscover themselves, or purely for sightseeing. This video introduces Yakuriji Temple and Negoroji Temple.

The spot introduced in the video is here
KAGAWA:Shikoku Henro

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