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The 1964 Tokyo Paralympics – “A Song for Social Rehabilitation”
2019.11.07 1,496views

Produced November 1964
Planning: Tokyo Metropolitan Government
Production: Tokyo Film Association
Provider of footage: Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture,
Tokyo Metropolitan Edo-Tokyo Museum

On 8 November 1964, 15 days after the Tokyo Olympics concluded, the opening ceremony for the Tokyo Paralympics was held at Oda Field in Yoyogi.
369 competitors from 22 countries tested their skills against one another for 5 days until 12 November.
The majority to foreign athletes who appeared in the games were employed. The difference in environment for disabled people abroad and in Japan is said to have been clearly visible, and viewers can feel that strongly in this video as well.
In this video, which spans the 5 days of the games, events appear that no longer exist in the modern Paralympics, such as the wheelchair slalom and precision javelin.
This video contains precious footage of the first Paralympic Games. We hope that you will enjoy watching it to the end!

This video uses a digitalized version of film footage produced in 1964. Due to the deterioration of the original film and the digitalization process, there is noise in certain parts of the video and audio.
Furthermore, there are sections which have been edited and/or processed taking into account copyright law etc.
The music in-between the narration has been replaced with audio from the YouTube audio library, so there is noise in certain parts of the video due to this processing.

Music that has been used to replace the original audio
(All taken from the YouTube audio library)


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