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Message to the People of Tokyo: Refrain From Going Out at Night
2020.04.01 8,673views

I would like to thank you—the people of Tokyo—for your cooperation in staying home and avoiding the “three Cs”: closed spaces with poor ventilation, places where groups of people gather closely together, and close conversation.
However, Tokyo is still at a critical phase, which will determine whether or not we see an explosive rise in novel coronavirus infections.
Through expert analysis conducted by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare’s COVID-19 Response Headquarters, it has become clear that many of the COVID-19 cases in Tokyo with an unknown infection route involved transmission among groups at bars, nightclubs, and similar establishments.
To curb the spread of infection, I would like to request your cooperation in refraining from going out at night especially.
Your actions will save lives! Let’s overcome this difficult challenge together!

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