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Governor Koike Yuriko and Hagimoto Kinichi Discuss the New Normal
2020.10.29 1,246views

Governor Koike Yuriko and Hagimoto Kinichi Discuss the New Normal.
*This video was made while maintaining social distancing and other measures to prevent infection.
*To be more accurate about the period in which COVID-19 is contagious, it is said that “The pathogen is infectious from prior to onset and its high infectivity in the early phase of the disease is one of the main causes of community-acquired infections, a characteristic that differs from those of SARS and MERS,” and “The infectious period is considered to be from 2 days prior to onset until about 7 to 10 days after onset.”

Hagimoto Kinichi
Comedian. Born 1941.
Formed comedy duo “Konto 55-go” with Sakagami Jiro in 1966.
Other than his work as an emcee and in the entertainment industry, he is also active in stage direction.
His TV shows have recorded high ratings, earning him the accolade of “100% ratings man.”
Many popular entertainers, known as the Kin-chan family, have been brought into the world under his direction.
Served as emcee at the closing ceremony of the Nagano 1998 Winter Olympics.

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