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360° TOHOKU&TOKYO – local dishes / MIYAGI
2017.03.13 485,565views

360°TOHOKU & TOKYO film is a project that gathers and presents the must-see wonders of Tokyo and Tohoku area.
This short movie presents local dishes in MIYAGI.

The brandsite is here.

About Tsukishima Monja-yaki:
This is the menu that use the iron plate to grill and use the tiny pad to mix cabbages with Oyster sauce that will melt with the wheat flour.
(Hagashi) is the tiny pad which is used to take the pieces of food from the iron plate to eat. This is the famous menu in Tokyo-Shitamachi city.

About Oyster hut in SENDAI: 
Visitors can enjoy grilling delicious Oyster picked up from the nearby sea in Matsushima area,
which is considered to be one of the top three most beautiful scenery in Japan (Matsushima’s fish market)

Check local dishes :
TOKYO:Monkichi (Japanese version only)

TOHOKU:Mastushima Sakana Ichiba (Japanese version only)

Please use the special fare designed for overseas visitors
that is good deal to travel from Tokyo to Tohoku.


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