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"360° CHUGOKU+SHIKOKUxTOKYO" is the project that shows you the must-see wonders of Tokyo and prefectures of Chugoku and Shikoku region, in the western Japan, in pairs.
This chapter is the “Nightwalk / OKAYAMA “.

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■About Shinjuku Golden district, Tokyo
Built of wood with townhouse style, most bars here are small and have only a couple of seats.
With the younger owners of the bars increasing today, Golden-gai attracts tourists as an old but new popular place in Shinjuku.

The place in this movie is here.
TOKYO:Shinjuku Hanazono Golden Town (Japanese version only)

■About Kurashiki, Okayama
The streets with abundant feelings are formed along a storage charge river, and the condition in which a traditional building equals a house and a warehouse makes them feel the past crowd.
In Kurashiki-gawa river, streets are formed have rich emotions, the shape that the traditional buildings including residences and storehouses form a line makes you feel past properity. Townhouses from the old days are restored and reproduced by unique stores, "Japanese and Western", and "a retro and modishness" fuse exquisitely and living in the present.

The place in this movie is here.

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