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「360°CHUGOKU+SHIKOKUxTOKYO 」 for the Chugoku, Shikoku and Tokyo areas of Japan,
is a project that introduces the charm of the areas as a combination of must-see wonder.
This is the 「Stay / KOCHI」 chapter.

The brand site is here.

■ Tokyo: About sushi (Kappasushi)
Sushi, the representative cuisine of Japan.
At a kaitenzushi restaurant, sushi plates come around on a conveyor belt in front of the table, allowing visitors to grab and eat the sushi of their choice.
At "Kappasushi", diners are able to choose sushi that they want to eat from a touch panel, then able to enjoy the unique experience of the sushi being delivered to them on a bullet train.

The spot introduced in the video is here
TOKYO:Sushi(Kappasushi) version only)

■Kochi: About Hirome Ichiba Market
Hirome Market is like a large, outdoor marketplace that offers a mixture of Japanese and western restaurants as well as souvenir shops.
A popular way to enjoy Kochi’s famous "bonito" is "Binomaru", where a bonito that is caught from traditional pole-and-line fishing is then splendidly cooked on straw.

The spot introduced in the video is here
KOCHI:Hirome Market

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