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Food Compilation:
360°TOHOKU & TOKYO film is a project that gathers and presents the must-see wonders of Tokyo and Tohoku area.
This short movie presents the Iwate culinary culture.

Brand site is here.

About Wanko-Soba Azumaya:
In Iwate prefecture, the town of Morioka has seen a soba shop carried on its tradition through all its tenants.
The minute you finish your bowl, the master will serve you again and again !
Wanko-soba is a real entertainment. Enjoy this unique tradition passed from ancestor to descendants in Wanko-soba restaurant, Azumaya.

Watch our short movies :

The spot that is introduced in the video is here.

TOKYO:Tempura - Uchitsu (Japanese version only)

TOHOKU:Wanko soba - Azumaya

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