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360°TOHOKU & TOKYO film is a project that gathers and presents the must-see wonders of Tokyo and Tohoku area.
This short movie deals with Fukushima history.

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Hama-rikyu Gardens
A historic circuit-style Edo garden featuring a seawater pond and two duck-hunting sites. It is also profusely blessed with a wide variety of seasonal plants, coupled with a cool historical ambience blended harmoniously with its modern surroundings, making it absolutely one of the must-see places in Japan.

Tsuruga-jo castle (wakamatsu castle) was famous for being an impregnable castle. Today, during spring, tourists may enjoy the beautiful scenery of fully bloomed cherry blossoms with the beautiful Tsuruga-jo castle and its historical architecture in the background.

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TOKYO:Hama-rikyu Gardens

TOHOKU:Tsuruga-jo Cattle

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