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360° TOHOKU&TOKYO – boat tours / IWATE
2016.08.01 657,593views

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360°TOHOKU & TOKYO film is a project that gathers and presents the must-see wonders of Tokyo and Tohoku area.
This short movie presents the boat tours in Iwate.


Sumida River Cruise
”Hotaruna” offers a journey in Tokyo through a futuristic boat modelled on a spaceship aircraft. Moreover, the glass window at the rear of the boat emits a pale light that will make the Sumida river glows like a million fireflies. Reiji Matsumoto has designed his boat with the image of a “firefly dancing in the pale moon light on Sumida River” in mind, (Luna being the moon goddess and hotaru being firefly). He conceived the boat as the allegory of a new departure.

Geibikei gorge is in the south of Iwate prefecture, which is in the northern Tohoku region of Japan.
The gorge is special for its traditional Tohoku boats and beautiful, surrounding nature.It’s great in all seasons.
The "kotatsu" boats from December to February are especially good for enjoying Japanese culture along with the scenery.

The spot that is introduced in the video is here.

TOKYO:Sumida River Cruising - HOTALUNA

TOHOKU:Geibikei Gorge

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