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「360°CHUGOKU+SHIKOKUxTOKYO 」 for the Chugoku, Shikoku and Tokyo areas of Japan,
is a project that introduces the charm of the areas as a combination of must-see wonder.
This is the 「Noodle / KAGAWA」 chapter.

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■TOKYO: About Ramen (Menya Itto)
With new restaurants opening one after the other, Tokyo is a ramen battlefield with dizzying changing trends.
At ramen shop "Menya Itto", visitors are able to enjoy rich seafood broth with either ramen or tsukemen.

The spot being introduced is here.
TOKYO:Ramen(Menya Itto) version only)

■KAGAWA: About Udon (Nakano Udon School)
Kagawa prefecture is so well-known for its udon to the point where it is referred to as the "Udon Prefecture", and is also famous for its annual udon consumption levels.
At Nakano Udon School you will be taught how to make udon, from stomping, stretching, cutting and cooking the noodles to eating it.

The spot being introduced is here.
KAGAWA:Udon(Nakano Udon School)

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