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COVID-19 State of Emergency Now in Effect : A message from the Governor of Tokyo (April 15th 2021)
2021.04.21 1,724views

Tokyo is now implementing priority measures
in designated local areas to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

We are facing the threat of a very
infectious variant of the virus.

Unless we change our behavior, we won’t
be able to stop the spread of infection.

Tokyo is implementing three intensive measures.

First, we will firmly restrain the movement of people. The coronavirus lives on through 
human-to-human transmission.

To keep the virus from taking advantage of us,
I ask you to refrain from going out

and use approaches such as remote work
to an even greater degree.

Second, we will contain risks in every kind of situation
by enhancing strategic and focused testing.

And third, we will proceed to strengthen systems
for the provision of health care.

The actions we each take to “not get infected,
and not infect others” will protect lives

and open the way to the future.

Let’s make the most of our collective strength
as we enter a new phase in this battle against the virus.

Thank you very much.

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