“Perspectives on Japanese Traditional Arts vol.4” (Digest Video)



実演とお話による伝統芸能パースペクティヴ<第4回> 振動する「空」/凝縮する「無」 ―尺八、書道、能における「間」の奥義をさぐる― (ダイジェスト版) Performance and Talk series “Perspectives on Japanese Traditional Arts vol.4” Lingered in emptiness / Condensed in nothingness Exploring the secrets of “ma” (intervals of time and space as an aesthetic concept) in the performance of shakuhachi, calligraphy and Noh 1. Lecture -“Ma” in shakuhachi playing techniques (Kohei Matsumoto) -“Komi” — underlying principles of the internal body and breath in Noh performance (Shingo Ko, Noboru Yasuda) -Margins and blank spaces (Mohri Suzuki) 2. Roundtable Shingo Ko, Mohri Suzuki, Kohei Matsumoto, Noboru Yasuda, Takeo Funabiki (moderator) 3. Performance -Noh recitation and Kotsuzumi: “Hachinoki” and “Yashima” (Noboru Yasuda, Shingo Ko) -Shakuhachi and shodo (calligraphy) performance (Kohei Matsumoto, Mohri Suzuki) Period: Monday, November 14 2016 Venues: WATERRAS COMMON HALL Organized by: Arts Council Tokyo (Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture) For more details: https://www.artscouncil-tokyo.jp/en/what-we-do/education/arts-academy/14782/

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