"Never forget you" from MIYAGI



By the Great East Japan Earthquake, people in Miyagi Prefecture who suffered enormous damage, reaffirmed the strength of the community, and have been striving to rebuild an attractive city holding appreciation in their heart for both domestic and overseas supporters. ↓↓↓ ◆SPECIAL WEBSITE "Never forget you" http://www.soumu.metro.tokyo.jp/17hisaichi/hp/douga/ ◆MOVIES (subtitle:ENGLISH) "Never forget you" from IWATE https://youtu.be/AkfO781twfc "Never forget you" from MIYAGI https://youtu.be/QF7Wv7nTh9o "Never forget you" from FUKUSHIMA https://youtu.be/_6oCIbDDXT0 (subtitle:CHINESE) 不会忘记你 —从岩手到世界— https://youtu.be/So7XwKMEGnE 不会忘记你 —从宫城到世界— https://youtu.be/kALd8DrWR3k 不会忘记你 —从福岛到世界— https://youtu.be/6Y7e7EtbeUY (subtitle:KOREAN) 여러분을 잊지 않는다 —이와테에서 세계로— https://youtu.be/kFwIGUpDCMU 여러분을 잊지 않겠습니다 —미야기에서 세계로— https://youtu.be/08UE_joymT8 여러분을 잊지 않겠습니다 —후쿠시마에서 세계로— https://youtu.be/42wd2xFd2dY (subtitle:JAPANESE) あなたを忘れない —岩手から世界へ— https://youtu.be/TVf0sH50Xnk あなたを忘れない —宮城から世界へ— https://youtu.be/wv9Q-77zWqk あなたを忘れない —福島から世界へ— https://youtu.be/bnP4dPtWU-w ◆YouTube Channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2OcYRWu8uUwg-TN9avcIlg/ ◆Tokyo Metropolitan Government Official Video Channel https://tokyodouga.jp/

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