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Traditional Culture and Performing Arts - Experience and Appreciation Program for Foreign Visitors Noh “SUMIDAGAWA” -Sound of prayer cradled in sorrow- https://www.artscouncil-tokyo.jp/en/events/31110/ Arts Council Tokyo will hold a program that combines authentic stage performance with an experience that will allow international visitors to gain a deeper understanding of traditional Japanese performing arts. One of the masterpieces of Noh play, “Sumidagawa”, was created by Motomasa, the eldest son of Zeami, who is said to be the Father of Noh play. The story was adapted into an opera entitled “Curlew River” by the British composer, Edward Benjamin Britten, and widely performed in various countries. This time, we focus on its dramatic maturity as well as Nenbutsu/Buddhist mantra which cradles sorrow. A hands-on program featuring Nenbutsu/Buddhist mantra is offered. It aims to help foreign audiences to feel and understand the true significance of Japanese culture. ※With English Translation and Subtitles Date: Saturday, February 23 2019, 13:00 (Doors open at 12:00) Venue: Roppeita XIV Commemorative Noh Theatre (Kita Noh Theatre) Organized by Arts Council Tokyo (Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture) Supported by and in cooperation with Tokyo Metropolitan Government 外国人向け伝統文化・芸能 体験・鑑賞プログラム 能「隅田川」~悲しみを覆う声~ https://www.artscouncil-tokyo.jp/ja/events/31110/

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