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COVID-19 :A message from the Governor of Tokyo(November 22nd 2022)
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With the arrival of winter, we must now be concerned about the spread of both COVID-19 and the seasonal flu.

Some of you may be planning to travel or to return to your hometown in the upcoming months.

Let’s each commit to firmly taking steps to prevent infection, so that we can enjoy this season.

Three important approaches will help us achieve this.

The first is to take proactive measures. This means promptly getting vaccinated. Vaccinations are our greatest tool for protecting our health, and keeping both society and the economy going. Since Omicron booster shots are expected to provide further protection, I hope that you will get vaccinated as soon as possible. Walk-in vaccinations are available at many of the vaccination centers operated by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government.

The second approach is to take protective measures. It is vital that we continue to take basic steps to prevent the spread of infection. Please be sure to air out rooms even in the winter. And, please wear a mask, especially in crowded areas and when chatting with others. When you are not feeling well, please refrain from participating in activities or going to events. And, when planning to dine out, be sure to select a restaurant that has been certified for safety by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government.

The third approach is to always be prepared. Please stock up on the necessary items in case you come down with a fever. These include a supply of test kits, fever medication, and food. You should also look up information on consultation desks and confirm the process for getting treatment.

Let’s be prepared and take the appropriate steps, so that we can move forward, and adapt to life with COVID-19. Your continued cooperation is greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

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