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COVID-19 :A message from the Governor of Tokyo(July 26th 2022)
2022.07.26 505views

The number of new coronavirus cases is rapidly increasing. Hospitalizations are also on the rise.

The main cause of this recent increase in infections is the highly contagious BA.5 subvariant. There are three key ways you can prevent its spread and protect yourself: get vaccinated, ventilate frequently and wear a mask.

I would like to emphasize the following.

First, make sure to get your booster shot to fight off the virus.
Two doses of the vaccine are not enough against the Omicron variant. So, please, get your third shot for better protection.

Second. Ventilate your rooms to get rid of the virus. Even when the air conditioner is on, please frequently open your windows or turn on the exhaust fan in your kitchen or bathroom, to bring in fresh air.

Third. Wear a mask to shut out the virus. Please wear your mask properly in crowded places or when talking.

Please be sure to take these steps while also being careful about heat stroke.

And remember, you or those around you could get infected at any time. Stock up on supplies such as water and daily items, and always be prepared for this possibility. It will give you peace of mind.

You can also feel reassured that Tokyo has a strong health care system in place. So, if you don’t feel well, please make sure to see a doctor.

Let’s do all we can to feel safe and stay safe.
Thank you very much for your ongoing cooperation.

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