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Enchanting Tokyo HACHIJOJIMA Island (15sec.)
2023.02.09 806,688views

Hachijojima Island, which is less than an hour’s flight from Tokyo, is an island where you can enjoy the great outdoors. With one of the highest precipitation rates in Japan, Hachijojima has its own unique environment including giant ferns and potholes carved into the rock by ever-flowing spring water. On the island, you can enjoy hiking as well as running and fishing. After enjoying physical activities, visitors can relax in a natural hot spring surrounded by rich nature, making it the perfect environment for a refreshing weekend getaway. The full video is available here:
・Airplane (Haneda Airport-Hachijojima Airport) 3 flights/day [approximately 55 minutes, one way]
・Boat (Takeshiba Pier, Tokyo- Hachijojima, Sokodo or Yaene Port): Runs daily [10 hours and 20 minutes, one way]

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