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Stepping up efforts to stop COVID-19:A message from the Governor of Tokyo(December 6th 2021)
2021.12.06 556views

I would like to first thank you, the people and businesses of Tokyo, for undergoing vaccinations and taking thorough steps to prevent infection. Your efforts have led to an enormous decrease in the number of new positive cases from the peak of the fifth wave.
But especially, I would like to again thank the doctors, nurses, and other health care providers for their dedication and efforts.

Those of you who are now fully vaccinated, have you registered for the Tokyo Vaction app service?
You can participate in drawings to win presents and receive special services at restaurants, so please make the best of this service.

The infection situation in Tokyo has settled down, but a new variant has emerged and has been confirmed in countries around the world, including Japan.

We are requesting the national government to take strict border control measures. In preparation for a sixth wave, including response to the new variant, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government will reinforce measures to retain the upper hand. This includes securing hospital beds and designated hotels for recovery, and increasing PCR testing.

We will also advance efforts for recovery of socioeconomic activities, such as providing support for tourism and restaurants.
Opportunities to travel, dine out, and participate in events will increase with the upcoming holiday season.

So, please be sure that the basic steps to prevent infection are a part of your daily routine. Remember to wash and disinfect your hands, properly wear a mask, and although it is the cold winter season, regularly air out the room by opening the windows.

I ask for your cooperation in protecting your family and others you care about, and society as a whole.

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