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Governor Koike’s Message on Solar Power (December 23rd, 2022)
2022.12.23 363views

I’m Koike Yuriko, governor of Tokyo.
Our homes will become power generators.
To achieve this vision, Tokyo will be the first local government in Japan to
introduce a mandate for newly built homes and buildings to install solar
power generation systems.
This will come into effect in April 2025.
In Tokyo, there are about 2.25 million buildings that are suited for the installation of solar power systems.
The “roofs of buildings in Tokyo” have great potential as power generators.
We will make the most of the many roofs in Tokyo to reduce CO2 emissions and fossil fuel consumption.
Solar power systems also have the huge benefit of reducing household electricity fees.
Take, for example, a single-family home whose monthly electricity bill is
around 10,000 yen. If the family installs a 4-kilowatt solar power system in their home, their electricity cost can be reduced by as much as 7,800 yen a month. In one year, this will be a reduction of 93,600 (93thousand 6 hundred) yen.
The Tokyo Metropolitan Government is also providing a subsidy for the installation of such systems at homes.
This and the reduction in your power bills will allow you to recoup the initial installation costs from the seventh year.
I’m Koike Yuriko, governor of Tokyo.
In addition, installing solar panels will be reassuring in the event of a
disaster. You will be able to use electricity even during power outages.
It is our mission, for the future, to promote more efficient use of energy
and the use of renewables.
This solar power initiative is just one of our efforts to pass on a beautiful
and sustainable planet to future generations.
Our homes will become power generators.
Let’s work together to realize this vision of Tokyo.

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