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2022 Online Tour,Bureau of Sewerage,Tokyo Met. Govt. in Minami-Tama Water Reclamation Center【ENG】
2022.12.12 314views

2022 Infrastructure Online Tour,Bureau of Sewerage,Tokyo Metropolitan Government in Minami-Tama Water Reclamation Center【English version】

 The Bureau of Sewerage of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government is actively disseminating the role, issues and attractiveness of the Tokyo Sewerage System to enhance the understanding of the sewerage business among its customers, the residents of Tokyo.
 From among 20 water reclamation centers in Tokyo, the facility of Minami-Tama Water Reclamation Center in Inagi City and its role will be introduced through pre-filmed videos and live broadcasts to enhance understanding of sewerage systems.

Held on August 23,2022



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