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Stepping up efforts to stop COVID-19:A message from the Governor of Tokyo(September 21st 2021)
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I would like to thank you, the people and businesses of Tokyo, for your cooperation in working to prevent the spread of COVID-19. May I also again express my gratitude to our health care providers for your dedicated efforts.We are seeing a downward trend in new cases.
At this critical point in time, we must firmly reduce the movement of people and continue taking precautions against infection to ensure that this downward trend continues.
Please refrain from non-essential outings. If you do go out, please make trips short and go with as few people as possible. And, during the upcoming holidays next week, please refrain from traveling outside of Tokyo.
I request that businesses utilize remote work, staggered commuting hours, and online meetings to keep the number of employees coming into work to a minimum.
Please continue to wash your hands, disinfect, and regularly air out rooms. Be sure to wear a mask that fits snugly against your face. And, if possible, please use non-woven masks.
The Tokyo Metropolitan Government is working to build up the system for the provision of health care, focusing on securing beds, providing antibody cocktail therapy to patients, and administering vaccines.
First, with the cooperation of medical institutions, we have secured the number of beds required for severe cases and those who need ongoing hospital care.
Next, we are preparing a system to speedily administer antibody cocktail therapy to those who need it. According to analysis by the Tokyo iCDC, the “cocktail” improved the symptoms of about 95 percent of those who received it.
The vaccine drive is also steadily advancing. By the end of this month, we expect that about 74 percent of Tokyo residents age 12 and over will have received their first dose, and 65 percent will have completed their second dose.
However, vaccines alone cannot stop the spread of infection. I request that you continue to take infection prevention measures such as wearing a mask, even after you are fully vaccinated.

Now, we are at an important turning point. Sharing this awareness with the people of Tokyo, we will continue to do all possible to overcome this challenge.
Your ongoing cooperation is needed to protect your family, the people you care for, and many more. Thank you.

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