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An electrical fire may happen near you [long ver.]
2023.04.13 575views

If you spot a small scorch, be sure to call 119.
Actually, for the last few years, we've been seeing more electrical fires from electric appliances.
How do electrical fires happen?
let's see what electrical fires exactly are.

- Contents -
1  An electrical fire may happen near you
2  What is an electrical fire?
3  Where to call
4  Appliances especially likely to cause fire
5  Power plugs – arc tracking
6  bad connection
7  Power cords
8  Overloaded outlets
9  Battery-related
10 Summary

[short ver.]


1  ご存知ですか?あなたのそばにある電気火災の危険
2  電気火災とは?
3  通報先について
4  出火原因となりやすい主な電気製品
5  コンセント~トラッキング~
6  コンセント~接触不良~
7  電源コード
8  タコ足配線
9  バッテリー関連
10 まとめ

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