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Stepping up efforts to stop COVID-19:A message from the Governor of Tokyo(July 15th 2021)
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Thank you very much for cooperatingwith our measures to prevent thespread of COVID-19.
Infections are now resurging, and the highly infectious Delta variant is also spreading. I realize that the measures currently in place are having significant impacts on your lives, but I again request your understanding of their need.

Hospitalization of young and middle-aged people is now on the increase. The number of severe patients is also increasing, and we are especially seeing a rise among those in their 50s.

People are now moving about more at night, and we are concerned about the further spread of the virus.

Tokyo is fully implementing three key responses to protect your lives and well-being.

First is reinforcing measures for restaurants and bars. Next is implementing intensive measures for those in their 50s. And third is advancing vaccinations.

I know that we are making extremely severe requests to businesses serving alcoholic beverages, including the suspension of operations, but I ask for your continued cooperation.

For those of you in your 50s who have underlying symptoms, please be especially careful. Make it a point to work remotely, and when dining, be sure to keep groups small, speak quietly, and end early.

As vaccinations are a game changer, we will work to speed things up more, such as by establishing mass vaccination centers.

Until a significant percentage of the population has been vaccinated, the movement of people must be restrained and basic measures must be taken without fail. Your support is crucial in stopping the virus from spreading even more.

Please refrain from nonessential outings. Please also keep on taking the basic steps to prevent infection, such as wearing a mask, washing your hands, and avoiding the three Cs.

Your actions to prevent infection will protect you, your family and others you care for, and many more. Together, let’s do all that is necessary and forge a bright future.

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