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COVID-19 :A message from the Governor of Tokyo(June 1st 2022)
2022.06.01 748views

Hello, everyone.
Thanks to your ongoing cooperation, contrary to our fears, we have avoided a rise in COVID 19 cases after this Golden Week. We have also seen an easing of pressure on the healthcare sector, with an increase in hospital bed availability.
As a result, I am pleased to say that, on May 22nd, we finally ended the period for vigilance against a resurgence.

However, our battle with the virus is not over. We still need to take the basic steps to prevent infection.
Specifically, there are four key points.
One. Always take measures such as ventilating spaces frequently, wearing your mask properly and avoiding the three Cs: Closed spaces, Crowded places, and Close-contact conversation.
Two. When dining out, choose restaurants and bars certified by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, as taking proper COVID 19 countermeasures.
Three. If you don’t feel well, avoid going to work or school, and please get tested or see a doctor.
Four. Be sure to get vaccinated to protect yourself, your loved ones and those around you.
Please continue to follow these basic steps to prevent infection, and let’s make Tokyo exciting and vibrant again.

I thank you again for your continuous cooperation and diligent efforts.
Finally, I would like to express my deepest appreciation to the doctors, nurses, and all health care professionals for your dedicated commitment.

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