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COVID-19 State of Emergency Now in Effect : A message from the Governor of Tokyo
2021.02.08 865views

A state of emergency is currently in effect for Tokyo.
The COVID-19 infection situation has entered a completely different stage, and the situation remains critical.
To overcome this difficult time, the movement of people and contact with others must be firmly reduced.
Therefore, we need further cooperation from you—the people and businesses of Tokyo.
Please firmly refrain from going out. Please STAY HOME. And, refrain from going to other prefectures as well.
Enhance telework options, and through a combination of approaches, such as staggered commuting hours, please aim to reduce the number of employees commuting to work by 70 percent.
Even now, healthcare professionals and essential workers are working day and night to fight COVID-19 and keep our city functioning smoothly. We must not forget these individuals.
Sharing a strong sense of crisis and changing our behavior will save lives and contribute to a brighter future.
Now is the time to come together to secure a decisive win over COVID-19.
Thank you for your cooperation.

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