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Tokyo My Timeline Creation Navigator (children’s version with English subtitles)
2020.06.10 214views

You can learn basic knowledge about wind and water disasters such as hazard maps, evacuation information and weather information, as well as how to create Tokyo My Timeline.

□Part 1 Key Information for Making Your My Timeline(2:55)
 [Point 1]Knowing the risk of wind and flood damage in the area
 [Point 2]Know the information you need to evacuate
 [Point 3]Thinking about Safety

□Part 2 Learn More About the Risks in Your Area(13:44)
 [Chapter 1]Learn more about local risks

  *Please select and watch the chapter that corresponds to your area of residence.
 [Chapter 2]Flood and storm surge areas on the Edogawa, Arakawa, and Tone Rivers(15:08)
 [Chapter 3]Areas of the Tama River where flooding is expected(22:33)
 [Chapter 4]Areas of expected flooding outside the Arakawa and Tama River Areas(31:12)

□Part 3 Make My Timeline(37:26)

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