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Tokyo Cinema Ensemble 2018
2018.12.07 534,224views

Collage video "Morning Tokyo", "Day Tokyo" and "Night Tokyo"
filmed and edited with the fresh and unique vision of nominated filmmakers in SSFF & ASIA 2018 are now on YouTube!
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“Tokyo Cinema Ensemble” is a promotional collage video of Tokyo, filmed and edited with the fresh and unique vision of foreign filmmakers, who are recommended by SSFF & ASIA. This is the third installment of the project and we have chosen "Morning Tokyo", "Day Tokyo" and "Night Tokyo" as themes, with images of different quarters and areas of Tokyo.

Each collage video is presented with original music pieces by "Wagakki Band," a popular Japanese rock band that incorporates traditional Japanese instruments. The music pieces feature traditional Japanese instruments such as wadaiko and Shamisen, with modern beats which portray the image of Tokyo as an energetic international city.
ショートショートフィルムフェスティバル & アジア

Academy Awards® accredited festival
Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia

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