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【Supporting Young Carers】Special Documentary (English ver.)
2024.06.10 279views

This documentary, which depicts the reality faced by young carers through the experiences of one young carer, Kotoko, was produced by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government with the cooperation of Kotoko and the people around her. The video seeks to spread awareness of young carers, and also offer positive messages to those who may be young carers, such as encouraging them to speak with the people around them as a way to find comfort and support, and to pursue their dreams and goals without limiting their future options.

We hope this video helps deepen your understanding of young carers.

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government has launched a website called “Young Carer’s Plaza” (ヤングケアラーのひろば)for children and those around them. Please check it out!

“Young Carer’s Plaza”(ヤングケアラーのひろば): Thinking and taking action together (Japanese only)

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