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[Tokyo Financial Award 2018] 2nd Place: TORANOTEC Ltd
2019.03.20 552views

We are pleased to introduce the proposal of “TORANOTEC ,Inc.”, that is the 2nd place winner of the “Resolution of Tokyo Residents’ Needs Category” in the Tokyo Financial Award 2018.

This movie was shown at award ceremony on February 5, 2019.

*The Tokyo Metropolitan Government (TMG) launched the Tokyo Financial Award in 2018.
In the Resolution of Tokyo Residents’ Needs Category, the TMG recognizes both Japanese and foreign financial companies developing and providing innovative financial instruments and services that help meet the needs of Tokyo residents.

Tokyo Financial Award website:

[Asset Management] There are few services/goods that can be managed in small amounts

Submission Outline
・Provides a “change investment” service in which leftover money (from 5 yen) is automatically invested using purchase data collected from credit cards and e-money
・In addition, a new “real change investment” program is being implemented, allowing people to invest small change by depositing it at boxes set up in Tokyo
・Furthermore, an “invest at the register” service is planned for the future, with the goal of making investing anywhere easy

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