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[Tokyo 2020 Games] Tokyo Aquatics Centre Time-Lapse Movie (Roof Lifted-up)
2018.08.06 3,998views

This time-lapse movie captures a lift-up moment of the roof of "Olympic Aquatics Centre", which will host swimming, diving, and artistic swimming events at Tokyo 2020 Games.
The large roof was constructed on the ground and lifted up into position three times (May 9, July 4 and 24) using the lift-up construction method.
The roof is as large as 130m long x 160m wide (20,000 square meters), positioned at 37 meter above the ground and weighs 7,000 tons approximately.
By lifting up the entire roof constructed on the ground enables to save a labor cost for temporary constructions and working at high place. As a consequence, it makes it possible to shorten the construction period, reduce the expenses and improve the safety.
The construction of pools, spectators’ stands and interior/ exterior works will be underway and scheduled to be completed in Feb. 2020.
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