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[Tokyo Financial Award 2018] 3rd Place: GLORY LTD.
2019.03.20 791views

We are pleased to introduce the proposal of “GLORY LTD.”, that is the 3rd place winner of the “Resolution of Tokyo Residents’ Needs Category” in the Tokyo Financial Award 2018.

This movie was shown at award ceremony on February 5, 2019.

*The Tokyo Metropolitan Government (TMG) launched the Tokyo Financial Award in 2018.
In the Resolution of Tokyo Residents’ Needs Category, the TMG recognizes both Japanese and foreign financial companies developing and providing innovative financial instruments and services that help meet the needs of Tokyo residents.

Tokyo Financial Award website:

[Deposits and Withdrawals] Procedures that can only be done at bank branches, such as ID verification, cause inconvenience.

Submission Outline
・Developing a customer verification platform, using face and voice identification, for practical commercial use
・This system will collectively handle transactions, allowing users to change between multiple financial institutions (banks, brokerages, insurance, and credit cards companies, etc.)
・Furthermore, the company aims to provide in-store “hands-free banking” service using this platform

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