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(Tokyo 2020 Games) “Tokyo Aquatics Centre” Time-Lapse footage
2020.06.04 710views

(Tokyo 2020 Games) “Tokyo Aquatics Centre” Time-Lapse footage.
Construction of the Tokyo Aquatics Centre was completed in February 2020. This footage shows the construction situation until the "Tokyo Aquatics Centre is completed. The footage was put together by pictures taken from the stationary camera fixed on the north side of the construction site. The photos were taken from October 2017 until January 2020 when the exterior construction was completed.
The roof large enough to cover these four pillars which were built on the ground after the completion of the foundation work was elevated three times by approx. 20 meters using the lift-up method. Other construction works including spectator stand, building frame works of the swimming pool, and interior construction proceeded under the lift-up roof.

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