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Period for Vigilance against a Resurgence:A message from the Governor of Tokyo(March 29th 2022)
2022.03.29 537views

We are under a Period for Vigilance against a Resurgence until April 24.

In Japan, April is a busy month since it is the start of the new academic and fiscal year. Please try to avoid crowded places and times, and be sure to continue taking the basic steps to prevent infection.

And, when dining out, please choose a certified restaurant, and keep your group small and the time short.

The third dose of the vaccine is now available. The Tokyo government is operating vaccination sites that do not require reservations. Please consider getting vaccinated at the earliest possible time.

Tokyo will continue to maintain a firm system for the provision of health care.

Let us take all the steps we can to ensure that we can live with true peace of mind.

Thank you very much for your ongoing cooperation.

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