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COVID-19 :A message from the Governor of Tokyo(April 28th 2022)
2022.04.28 583views

Thanks to your cooperation, the number of positive cases and critical patients is decreasing.

But we have still not reached our goal.

The movement of people increases around this time of the year. This makes it necessary for us to remain vigilant against a resurgence of the virus.

Please get your third shot as soon as possible. Especially for young people, we have also prepared walk in vaccination centers. I hope you will make good use of them.

Please get tested before you go on a trip, and after you return. The tests are available free of charge.

And while on the road or at your destination, remember to not only take the basic steps to prevent infection, but also take special care to ventilate indoor spaces frequently. And please consider rescheduling your plans if you sense you are feeling unwell.

Please enjoy yourselves during Golden Week, while being mindful of the virus. Thank you for your ongoing cooperation.

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